• eServices

    Electronic patient communication, text and email marketing. Automated system texts and emails birthday, recall, appt, statement, letter and marketing.

  • eClaim and Real-time Eligibility

    Supports viewing Real-time eligibility and submit of Claim electronically.

  • Automated Backup

    An automated schedule creates multiple encrypted backup locally and in the cloud.

  • Rx

    In-office prescription with auto-alert can be generated at time of treatment.

  • Hybrid Cloud

    iDentalSoft cloud-software flexible design is configurable to host in dental practice or in cloud.

  • Integrated Bridge

    Supports multiple bridge connections seamlessly. It provides simple activation icon to initiate radiography client for viewing and import of images to patient's file.

  • Multi Levels Security

    Secure at user level.
    Secure at transport level.
    Secure at access level.
    Secure at database level.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access

    Secure 24x7 practice management web access.

  • Alliance Connections

    Support friendly web introductory of alliance practices, companies, and services.

  • Records Consolidation

    Support import of digital, scanned records, documents and images to a consolidate database.

  • Multi Users

    Support multi-users.

  • Multi Platforms

    Support Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

  • HIPAA Compliant

    Comply to Privacy and Security guidance.

  • Multi Practices

    Standard configuration for 5 practices.
    Please contact Support for large dendal group.

What's New

Release iDentalSoft 2015.

iDentalSoft Intro from Punjabi Dental Society